If you can’t laugh at yourself…

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Went through Hellfire Ramparts with a PUG and, we pretty much wiped.

The healer started to rez us and got the tank and my rogue up when a random Orc walked by and wiped us both out. hehehee

I don’t know why I found it funny, but I did, and no one was mad when I joked about it in party chat.

That is a good PUG. ­čśÇ



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Witches of Stormwind

things that make me laugh

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  • ┬ápunching billy goats in Fuse-Light
  • seeing cats act silly
  • funny kid jokes
  • stupid jokes
  • puns and corny sayings
  • LOLcatz & stumbleupon

What about you? what makes you laugh?

World of Warcraft: Decisions

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When I first started playing, my first true alts were a Draenei Hunter and a Blood Elf Warlock (I’d tried out the game due to the cover art for Burning Legion, afterall) and, I’ve only the Hunter left.

I just can’t bring myself to destroy my first inworld pet I had to work to get, you know?. ┬áThis was the days when you had a quest chain that made you work for your first pet, not like now, where you start with a pet already.

So I still have my purty cat but I ended up getting rid of the warlock (even tho I got her higher than I ever did my hunter) and now, I’ve decided to start over with the blood elf race. However, I can’t decide which class I want to be..or if I can handle the leveling in the Blood Elf area, since there’s been no real changes since BL.

So, my choices are warrior, paladin, hunter, rogue, priest, death knight, mage, and warlock. I know I don’t want to be a warlock again. I never found it a fun class to play, to be honest. My main’s a rogue, so I don’t want to do that, and warrior’s too complicated for me (as I’ve learned from trying). DKs aren’t my thing, so that leaves pally, priest, or mage. Decisions, decisions.